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Right of Passage

"Rites and symbols of initiation are intended to open the life of each person to the sense of meaning and purpose already dwelling in them as their god given, spirit blessed, passion led soul tried to awaken." Micheal Meade.

  • Are you in search of a fun summer experience that will change your life?

  • Are you BRAVE enough to live off grid, cook on fires, sleep under the stars, begin new adventures?

  • Do you want to build community with a group of other girls and women of all ages?

  • Are you open to learn about yourself, your place in the world, your future?


Wild Awake is a new programme.  Our aim is to mentor young women to collectively celebrate and honour their journey towards the next phase of womanhood.


During this 5 day (4 nights) wilderness camp in an enchanting Sussex forest, our experienced and qualified team of women will guide and support you on this journey of self-discovery.


By the end of camp it is our intention that you will have learnt to speak your truth, embrace your power and walk forward in life with confidence, believing that your worth is based on so much more than just your appearance, popularity or sexuality. 


We will do this through; art; songs and stories; sensory awareness; mindfulness and self development practices; night walks; bushcraft; nature games; wild swimming; shelter building; navigation skills; tracking and animal communication; rites of passage rituals and celebration.  

Learn the secrets of the moon, one’s cycles, self care and how to empower yourself to respect your bodies and its seasons. Knowledge and tools will be given to aid in connecting to the power of your body and the innate wisdom of being a woman.

As a society, we have lost the importance of ritual and connection at important moments in life, and the phase af childhood to adulthood is a treasured time that in indigenous tribes is filled with rituals and meaning. Let us help you connect with yourself/your child, and the rhythms of nature.

Details -

Age range - 13 - 17

Location - East Sussex, nr Lewes

Price - please contact for pricing plans

Who we are -

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