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I discovered the power of the breath when I was pregnant with my daughter, at the time it was called rebirthing breath. I trained in Vortex Healing and Rebirthing over 30 years ago and I have been hooked ever since.

Recently we are witnessing the rediscovery of breathwork, sometime called
conscious connected breath. Studies have shown breathwork can help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, ADD and much more. But it’s not just the biological impact that’s powerful, breathwork is also the quickest way to change our state of being and point of view at any moment.

All mystical schools connect us with our breath. Hazrat Inayat Khan, a Sufi teacher tells us:

“The breath is the bridge between the inner and outer.”

The breath brings freedom and awareness to thoughts, emotions and always gives us that pause so we can choose our next thought or course of action.
The breath is our most powerful tool to change our mind and create harmony.

For more information about arranging a breathwork session in person (Portugal) or online, please contact me using the details below.

Price Range - £90-120 - up to 2 hours per session.

“Revisiting some of the 'emotional luggage' I've been carrying since childhood have allowed me to let go of the feeling of being 'under pressure' which I have been experiencing all the time, especially when life gets tough, since I was three, without knowing what it was or why it was there. As I understood what lied beneath, it disappeared and I know feel a great sense of release, and a need to take time for myself to reflect on what I expect from my life and what I really would like to create in it.

I gained a deep sense of peace, well-being and compassion. A place I didn't know existed in myself before hand."  Client RP 

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.”     Sanskrit Proverb

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