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Dances of Universal Peace

“Could there be anything more blessed than to imitate on earth the ring-dance of the angels and at dawn to raise our voices in prayer and by hymns and song glorify the rising Creator?”
St Basil, 4th C
entury Mystic

The dances of Universal Peace are simple, meditative and joyous circle
dances, using sacred phrases, chants, movements, and music from the
worlds wisdom traditions.

The dances brought me home many years ago, I learnt how to
connect to my body, to my voice and drop into my heart.

I have lead dances for retreats, gatherings, weddings, festivals, camps, birthdays and
regular events.

For more information on this practice you can connect with the Dances Network.

To book a dance session for your groups or gathering please email me.

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“When you hear music you enjoy, it tunes you and puts you in harmony with life. Therefore man needs music; he longs for music.”
Hazrat Inayat Khan,The Heart of Sufism

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