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I have been a massage practitioner for 13 years, specialising in Indian Ayurveda head massage and full body nurturing. I commit to giving my clients a devotional experience, that helps you enter into a relationship of sacredness to your body. It is a holistic massage, as I use my various healing arts and vortex training to do healing whilst giving hands on treatment. 

I welcome clients into my practice near Lewes, East Sussex.



90 minutes - £50

4 hands massage - 75 mins £80


Please contact me using the details below. I require all clients to fill out a pre treatment confidential medical form.

"I had the most divine treatment from you today, your hands are so nurturing and caring, and the energy work you did with my body was so profound. I haven't felt as cherished or cared for in such a long time. Thank you for all that you do Marie-Helene." Alex

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